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Cover Oxford Past Times: The Changing Face of City and County

Oxford Past Times

For more than ten years time from Koenigs Chris column was a regular favorite in the Oxford Times, bringing unexpected…
Cover My Formative Years

My Formative Years

Joaquim Nabuco, for more than three decades, is a dominant of the life literary, intellectual and political the Brazil, was…
Cover Miami: A Cultural History - Cities of the Imagination

Miami A Cultural History

Miami, or "Fresh water" in the language of Indian Creek, is one of the newest cities in the United States.…
Cover The Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Early American Republic, 1783-1812: A Political, Social, and Military History

The Encyclopedia of the Wars of the Early American Republic, 1783 1812

Relatively little attention has been paid to American military history between 1783 and 1812 - probably the most formative years…

Cover The Greatest Day in History: How the Great War Really Ended

The Greatest Day in History

Unlike 1945, the first world war will end not perfectly with the surrender of the Germans. After a dramatic week…
Cover The European Union: A Very Short Introduction - Very Short Introductions

The European Union

Since the second edition of this popular very short Introduction published in 2007, the world was confronted with economic and…
Cover SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

SPQR A History of Ancient Rome

Matter of ancient Rome. His history of the empire, conquest, cruelty and excess is something against which we judge us…
Cover Crossing Continents: A History of Standard Chartered Bank

Crossing Continents

Bundled together in 1969 to thwart an international takeover attempt of the Chase Manhattan Bank of New York share, Standard…