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Cover The Ecstasy of Influence: Non-fictions, etc.

The Ecstasy of Influence Non

What's a novelist supposed to do with contemporary culture? And what's contemporary culture supposed to do with novelists? In "The…
Cover The Unaccompanied

The Unaccompanied

"The most popular English poet since Larkin." (Sunday Times). After more than a decade and following his celebrated adventures in…
Cover Writing Home

Writing Home

Already a bestseller, this is a wonderfully entertaining collection of the writings in prose of Alan Bennett. Writing home collects…
Cover Gap of Time: The Winter's Tale Retold - Hogarth Shakespeare

Gap of Time

"A brilliant delight of a novel". (New York Times). "Intelligent and beautiful... it flies." (Financial Times). A baby is abandoned,…
Cover The Moth: This is a True Story

The Moth This is a True Story

With an introduction by Neil Gaiman in front of the television and radio, Pocket Books before, penny and mass literacy…
Cover The Optician of Lampedusa

The Optician of Lampedusa

I can hardly begin to describe what I saw that our boat approached the source of this terrible noise. I…

Cover John Carpenter's Tales for a Halloween Night: Volume 2

John Carpenter's Tales for a Halloween Night

Origin of John Carpenter, the man who brought you the classic horror film Halloween cult and all alerts beyond 12…
Cover That Glimpse of Truth: The 100 Finest Short Stories Ever Written

That Glimpse of Truth

Wise deep, lyrical, shocking: the tale is capable of almost anything. This collection of 100 of the best stories ever…
Cover Katherine Mansfield and Psychology - Katherine Mansfield Studies

Katherine Mansfield and Psychology

In accordance with the recent mounted critical psychology to the early interest, lu contributors work of Mansfield alongside figures such…