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Cover Cause & Effect Ed 2 Text

Cause & Effect Ed 2 Text

Features stimulating and entertaining readings of gradually increasing length and complexity, presented in a carefully controlled vocabulary system.
Cover Elan: 1: Pour AQA Audio CDs

Elan 1

The momentum pour AQA A level French has courses of resources to finance all your needs: books of the student,…
Cover Work Out German GCSE

Work Out German GCSE

Work on German offers a selection of authentic reading and listening material on topics of interest and relevance to students…
Cover Mastering Spanish

Mastering Spanish

Mastering Spanish been updated and significantly expanded for this new edition. Two cassettes replacing one existing and include additional Unscripted…

Cover Learn Italian in a Hurry

Learn Italian in a Hurry

The ultimate Guide to learn Italian as soon as possible! You know how to order your favorite 'ravioli' or 'vino'…