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Cover Introduction to Python Programming and Developing GUI Applications with PyQT

Introduction to Python Programming and Developing GUI Applications with PyQT

INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON PROGRAMMING AND DEVELOPING GUI APPLICATIONS WITH PYQT 1E teaches Python programming step-by-step through practical examples that readers…
Cover Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

Recovery of your role as a supernatural killer in disgraced 2, the next chapter in the saga of Dishonored by…
Cover Researching UX - Analytics

Researching UX

Good UX is based on evidence; qualitative data, like the search for tests and field user, can only get you…
Cover Multi-Column Layout in CSS: Create Attractive Layouts

Multi Column Layout in CSS

Web designers have often looked at newspapers and magazines with a jealous eye, wanting to borrow their several column structure…

Cover Lists and Generated Content in CSS: Going Beyond Bullet Points

Lists and Generated Content in CSS

Lists are the Foundation of many web interfaces, well beyond chips. Over the years, Style sheets (CSS) cascading supported a…
Cover Managing the Web of Things: Linking the Real World to the Web

Managing the Web of Things

Management of the Internet of things: link between the real world on the Web presents coverage comprehensive and consolidated engineering,…
Cover Planning Successful Websites and Apps: Avoiding the Zombie App

Planning Successful Websites and Apps

One out of six COMPUTER projects today include large cost overruns and schedule, and everything that leads to a more…
Cover Information Design with Web Forms

Information Design with Web Forms

After nearly a decade which has seen changes relatively little, web forms has had a complete overhaul with HTML5. Now,…
Cover Introduction to Web Interaction Design: With HTML and CSS

Introduction to Web Interaction Design

Interaction is the pillar of the web and applications. Exploration of how best to create effective websites should include a…