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Already a bestseller, this is a wonderfully entertaining collection of the writings in prose of Alan Bennett. Writing home collects diaries, memories and comments to give us a unique and unforgettable one of the principal authors of England portrait. Like a book of memories, it covers the production of his first play, Forty Years On, featuring John Gieldgud, as well as several other important productions. His television series "Talking Heads" has become a modern classic; as part of the review of the 1960s 'Beyond the Fringe' Bennett helped launch the revolution of English satire and remained for one of our major playwrights, lately with The History Boys at the National Theatre. At the heart of the book epub and pdf is The Lady in The Van, since adapted into a radio play with Dame Maggie Smith. It's the true story of Miss Mary Shepherd, a vagabond homeless who settled in the garden of Bennett and remained for fifteen years. This new edition also includes the introduction of Bennett to his nominated screenplay at the Oscars for the madness of King George and his most recent newspapers.

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