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Marian Sutro survived Ravensbruck and is back in London d' 1950s Morne trying to pick up the pieces of his life d' before the war. Returned to l 'England only' she barely knows and a world d' post-war doesn't she ' t understand, Marian looking for something on which to land the rest of his life. Family and friends l 'surround and a young officer of the RAF tries d' bring self-righteous d 'love and d' affection, but she is haunted by his experience with the guilt of knowing that its contribution to l 'war effort helped lead to l' development of the atomic bomb. Where, in the complexities of peacetime, his loyalty lies? When a mysterious Russian diplomat emerges from l' shadow to bring him the ambiguities and uncertainties of the cold war, she sees a way to make amends for the past and renew l' excitement of his double life. Meaning of Simon Mawer's l 'time and l' location is perfect: on the tightrope is a compelling novel about l' identity and deception that constantly surprises the reader.

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