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"Time to know if you are a magician, Gwyn". Grandmother of Gwyn leaves him five gifts: a brooch, a piece of dried seaweed, a tin whistle, a scarf and a broken Toy horse. She tells him that they will help make him a magician - but Gwyn allows them to bring his missing sister, Bethan, House? The snow spider won the GP of Smarties in 1986 and it has been awarded the Tir na n - Og Award in 1987. This edition celebrates the 30th anniversary of the first publication. Fantastic reading for fans of Harry Potter of the author of the Charlie Bone. The kids who loved Moondial and Tom's Midnight Garden will enjoy this book epub and pdf. Perfect for readers aged 8 years and more. "A heartwarming story full of wonder and magic" (Julia Eccleshare).

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