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We spend most of our waking at work - occupations often chosen by ourselves unthinking of sixteen. And yet we rarely ask ourselves how we got here or what it can mean for us. Also intrigued by the pleasures of the artwork and its pain, Alain de Botton here heads on in the worlds sous-tracé of the office, the factory, the fishing fleet and logistics centre, ears and eyes open to the beauty, interest and the pure weirdness of modern work. Along the way, he tries to answer some of the most urgent questions, we can ask to work: why are we doing? What makes it nice? What is its significance? And why daily to exhaust not only ourselves, but also the planet? Characteristically lucid, witty and inventive, 'Song for professions' by Alain de Botton is a celebration and an exploration of an aspect of life that is all too often ignored and yet also central for us than our love life.

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