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With an introduction by Neil Gaiman in front of the television and radio, Pocket Books before, penny and mass literacy people gather on porches, in markets outside their homes and tell stories. Storytellers knew their craft and enchanted listeners would sit and listen to for a long time in the night butterflies flitted around overhead. Ringworm is a non-profit trying to regain this lost art, help storytellers - old hands and group novice as - hone their stories before playing to the crowds packed to sold out shows. The best of these stories is gathered here: if it is awareness hell Press Secretary Clinton or a senior geneticist with a family secret; a doctor whisked away by nuns at the bedside of Mother Teresa or a Director and writer save Chinatown his father store developers who attract money; concubine of the Sultan of Brunei or a friend of Hemingway that he himself accidentally speaks in a role as a substitute, the eccentric, pitch-perfect stories Bullfighter - all, surprisingly, true - beach of the poignant to the downright hilarious.

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