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Are you ready to see your Fixer? These famous words are now synonymous with the dynamic team of husband and wife Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of HGTV Fixer Upper. As this question fills the airwaves with impatience, their legions of fans continue to multiply and to ask another series of questions, such as - who are these people? What is the secret of their success? And chip is actually that funny in real life? In renovation of houses in Waco, Texas and change the lives of attractive and endearing way, Chip and Joanna are become more than the stars of Fixer Upper, they became best friends in America. The history of Magnolia is the first book epub and pdf from chips and Joanna, giving their fans a detailed overview of their life together. Since the first renovation project they never together, treated for the project which costs them almost everything; Since the childhood memories that led them, profile for twists and transforms them to life they share on the farm today. They both attended Baylor University in Waco. However, their paths did not cross until the chip checked his car in the local Firestone tire store where Joanna works behind the counter. Even at the time chip was a serial entrepreneur who, among other things, led a lawn care company, sold the fireworks and flipped houses. Soon, they were married and living in their first Fixer. Four children and countless renovations later, Joanna gathers the attention of a television producer who him notice to work on a blog one day. In the history of Magnolia fans will get finally to join the ducts behind the scenes and discover: * chip time ran to the grocery store and I forgot to take their new, sleep baby * Joanna agonizing decision to close her business dream of focus on the education of their children * chip when buy a houseboat, sight-unseen, and it turns out be a wreck who leak * time breakthrough Joanna to discover the secret of creating a beautiful home * harrowing stories the financial ups and downs as a couple of company * memories and chip and Jo wedding photos * the importance of the word magnolia and why it permeates everything they do * how the couple pays the popularity of Fixer Upper, share success with others and strengthening of the city of Waco, along the way and yet there is still a lingering question for fans of the show : Is the chip really that funny? "Oh yes," said Joanna. "It has been and still is, my first Fixer.

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