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The Chemist By Stephenie Meyer

After a hiatus from writing about six years, the global phenomenon that is Stephanie Meyer is back with his new thriller entirely convincing the chemist. Of the imagination that sculpts the Twilight universe and introduced the captivating concept that has been the host, Stephanie Meyer now presents his first proper adult novel - the world cold and too possible to the chemist.

Imagine: an agent, employed by the Government of the United States, brimming with its darkest secrets possible. Work of the sound Department is so sensitive, so underground, it has no name.

Known to almost exclusively herself, she is the top expert in a very specialized area. Imagine they decided that she - and all that she knows - is a liability.

The only other person she trusted died. Now, their attention turned to him: rarely stay in the same place, or by using the same name for a long time, she knows that his time is running out.

When his former Manager offers a way out, she can't know maybe what she learns only that makes his situation more dangerous. And when she finds fall for a man whose presence makes may a certainty, she understands that their salvation are the skills of same only she can control.