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The first and best, treatment of the crucial years 1848-1875 a penetrating analysis of the rise of capitalism the world major. In the 1860s, a new word entered the vocabulary of political and economic world: 'capitalism '. The global triumph of capitalism is the major theme of the story in the decades after 1848. It was the triumph of a society that believes that economic growth is based on competitive private companies, success to purchase while cheaper market (including labor) and selling it in the more expensive. A knowledge-based economy and therefore naturally nestled on the solid foundations of a bourgeoisie composed of those that energy, merit and intelligence had brought to their position and maintained, would - there cru - not only to create a world of material properly distributed a lot but lights without ever growing, reason and human possibility, an advance of science and the arts In short a continuous material world and acceleration, and moral progress.

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