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Whether asking tough questions during a presidential debate or pressing answers to the most important questions of today, Megyn Kelly has shown intelligence, strength, good sense and courage that have made her one of the journalists most known today, respected by both women and men, young and old, Republicans and Democrats. Settle for more, the anchor of The Kelly File reflects on the values and experiences that have shaped his lasting - growing up in a family who rejected "trophies for everyone" mentality, to death sudden and tragic of her father while she was in high school. She goes behind the scenes of his career, sharing the stories and struggles that she landed under the Presidency of the #1 cable Show anchor. Frankly speaking of his decision to "just over" - a motto she credits as having significantly transformed his life at home and at work-Megyn discusses how she gave up a thriving legal career to follow his dreams of journalism. Admired for his hard work, humor and authenticity, Megyn sheds light on new business, his stay at Fox News, the challenges of being a working parent and professional woman and she most talked about moments of television. She speaks also openly about quarrel of Donald Trump with her, revealing never-before-heard details on the first Republican debate, its consequences difficult and how she persevered through it all. Deeply personal and surprising, settle for more offer insight unprecedented in this fascinating and charismatic journalist and we inspire all to embrace the principles-determination, honesty and political courage in the face of fear - that have won her fans across the gap.

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