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Norse Mythology: Signed Edition by Neil Gaiman Details

Signed Edition As I retold these myths, I tried to imagine myself a long time ago, in the lands where these stories were first told, during the long winter nights…


Norse Mythology By Neil Gaiman

Signed Edition

As I retold these myths, I tried to imagine myself a long time ago, in the lands where these stories were first told, during the long winter nights perhaps, under the glow of the northern lights or sitting outside in the small hours, awake in the unending daylight of midsummer.

Gather round, this is where the stories are born. This is where the world was made.

Picture it: about you, mile upon mile of sparkling, moonlit rock and snow.

Above, the flickering magic of the aurora borealis, an electric-blue contrast to the warm fire where the storyteller weaves his words. He talks of playful, careless, wrathful gods, stories of immortal forces battling under freezing, star-filled skies.

The great Norse myths are woven into the fabric of our storytelling – from Tolkien, Alan Garner and Rosemary Sutcliff to Game of Thrones and Marvel Comics.

They are also an inspiration for Neil Gaiman’s own award-bedecked, bestselling fiction.

Now our greatest living fantasist reaches back through time to the original source stories in a thrilling and vivid rendition of the great Norse tales.

Gaiman’s gods are thoroughly alive on the page – irascible, visceral, playful, passionate – and the tales carry us from the beginning of everything to Ragnarök and the twilight of the gods. Galvanised by Gaiman’s prose, Thor, Loki, Odin and Freya are irresistible forces for modern readers and the crackling, brilliant writing demands to be read aloud around an open fire on a freezing, starlit night.

Primarily known as Britain’s foremost fantasy writer, Neil Gaiman is, as any of his readers and all Waterstones’ booksellers will know, much more than just that.

Known by his colleague, co-author and regular illustrative collaborator Chris Riddell as the ‘wise wizard’, Gaimain’s is the mind that changed the course of the modern graphic novel through his Sandman series. In a multi-faceted career that has seen him variously as a short-story writer, screenwriter and critic he has also created such brilliant children’s classics as The Graveyard Book, Odd and the Frost Giants and Coraline and mastered blending the real with the wonderful and strange to deliver a stunning array of fantasy novels, contemporary myths and story collections including: Neverwhere, Stardust, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and the masterpiece that is American Gods.

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Get Norse Mythology
Signed Edition Epub & Pdf