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A found classic of mountaineering and the extraordinary true story of a daring escape upwards Mount Kenya by three prisoners of war. When the clouds covering part of the Mount Kenya one morning to reveal its picks for the first time, prisoner of war Felice Benuzzi is grieving. The boredom of camp life is shattered by the beginnings of a sudden idea - an idea outrageous, dangerous and brilliant. There are not many people who should get out of a POW camp, trek for days through perilous before climbing the north face of Mount Kenya with equipment improvised, meagre rations and a picture of the mountain on a tin can of beef among their more specific guides. There is no doubt even less who would break back in the camp on their return. But it's the remarkable story of three of these men. No picnic on Mount Kenya is a powerful testimony to the spirit of revolt and adventure in even the darkest of places. "History of alpinism can hardly presents a parallel to this crazy but exciting getaway ' - Saturday Review"A story of prisoners and most extraordinary escape"- New Yorker"a crazy adventure and a gallant homage to the deep aspiration of mankind to freedom"- Kirkus Reviews"crackles of book epub and pdf with the same dry humor as its title. It contains the prison-yard barter and candlelit couture that mark a classic yarn jailbreak; encounters with wild beasts in the forest zone of Mount Kenya are like grabbing and descriptions also magnificent sparkling glaciers, like any what passage in newspapers of great exploration of the beginning of the twentieth century"- The Economist

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