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This reference work provides a wealth of information about medicinal plants and phytochemicals. It is aimed both to researchers and teachers. Epub and pdf manual describes the phytochemicals, which, by the strictest definition, are chemicals that are produced by plants. During the last decades, groups increasingly have become actively involved in the exploration of plants for useful metabolites which lead to the identification of several useful curative agents and many promising molecules to combat or prevent disease, including carcinogenesis and stroke. But when we talk about phytochemicals, there are also medicinal plants, where not a single molecule is responsible for the observed properties. Therefore, this customer reference work and compiles information on these two aspects. The volumes contain contributions on the phytochemicals and extracted from plants. A large number of natural products from plants and microbes is used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance industries. For this compilation, a range of the main compound and medicinal plants phytochemicals have been selected and are described by the authors in the field. This book of reference includes information about the well-established phytochemicals, the biology and biotechnology of medicinal plants or their products, their biosynthesis, new production strategies, application, and uses, of the metabolism and bioavailability. There is an influx of information published in recent years on medicine by plants and their pharmacological effects with the unique book epub and pdf available on a variety of topics. However, all this information is widespread and difficult to overview. Researchers who wish to keep pace with the field know a rapid development of natural products can now access this newly compiled manual epub and pdf to find information on bioactive molecules and medicinal plants carefully compiled in one place!

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