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Mount! By Jilly Cooper

took it's time to light the torches, then stumbles and slips through the darkening forest, set by the rulers mounted outside. After two miles ultimately determine the shape of a ghostly white from the researcher, still howling at the side of the road and hellip; under the horse, his back and his neck broken, put James Northfield.

in the latest, raciest novel Geely Cooper, and Robert Campbell Black takes center stage in the cut-throat world racing apartment.

Robert consuming obsession one: that love rat, adored his gray horse, be declared champion stallion.

He longs to win a landslide revenge Roberto, the stallion owned by his hated rival Cosmo Rannaldini, which would abandon the race his empire in Penscombe means has a darling Taggie wife, chasing winners of the richest races in all parts of the world, from Dubai to Los Angeles to Melbourne.

Fortunately, and held the fort at home by Assistant Secretary Robert GAV, a genius with horses, all-loving lass stable, but affected by alcoholism and wife despicable.

When moving Gala, and sadness, but a widow Zimbabwe's enchanting Penscombe as you are about the prodigal father, Robert, it is not just Gav, who is attracted to her, Robert finds himself leaning back dangerously

. Ceremony loves horses, and when it turns to work in the yard, and her job is taken care providers by the devastating handsome man in South Africa who claims to be gay but it seems more eager now to take care of Taggie angelic.

The increasing role of evil sabotage strike in Penscombe, the game loose musical boxes gathered in full swing ...

Everyone loves jelly Cooper:

& lsquo; sex and horses: who could ask for more than that? And lsquo; - Sunday Telegraph

& lsquo; joyful and mischeivous and rsquo; and ndash; Jojo Moyes

& lsquo; fun, sexy and unputdownable and rsquo; - Marian Keyes

& lsquo; escape into an alternate world where everything is right with the world and rsquo; and ndash; Guardian

& lsquo; entertaining flawless and rsquo; - Helen Fielding