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"I made these photos exactly as if I was taking pictures in Wilkes-Barre, my hometown. I was led by what I could see on the street. Of course, the extreme novelty of this vast country, the Mexico was shocking for me. It is really the surrealism in the air. "- Mark Cohen between 1981 and 2003, Mark Cohen visited Mexico eight times. Seduced by the qualities of "surreal" he found there, that Cohen took his camera on the streets of Mexico City, the city of Oaxaca and Merida, as well as other parts of the Yucatan. Following his split-second impulses, Cohen has taken his signature "grab shots,"floods often subjects with artificial light from the flash. " His black and white photographs taken at arms with minimum focal length capture textures and rhythms from the streets of the city of rags and urban life. Reminiscent of iconic photographs of Cohen's class working-class towns of Pennsylvania, but imbued with a noticeable sense of strangeness, these Mexican images transmit the energy stirred and the strangeness of everyday life.

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