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"A brilliant delight of a novel". (New York Times). "Intelligent and beautiful... it flies." (Financial Times). A baby is abandoned, banned from London to the storm devastated American city of new Bohemia. His father drove mad with jealousy, his mother into exile by pain. Seventeen years later, Perdita does not know much who she is or where she came from - but she's about to find out. Resumption of Jeanette Winterson of fairytale winter vibrates at echoes of original of Shakespeare and tells a story of heartbreak and heart healed, a story of revenge and forgiveness, a story that shows that what is lost must be found. "Emotionally wrought and deeply intelligent...". "Supremely intelligent, persuasive and emotionally affecting novel that deserves multiple readings to appreciate its many layers. (Mail on Sunday). "There are passages if concise beautiful they give you goosebumps out there." (Observer). "Vibrates with such authenticity and imaginative generosity I challenge you do not engage with it. (Independent).

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