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Finders Keepers By Stephen King

A fascinating thriller crime on a player whose l 'obsession d' a reclusive writer goes too far, featuring the same trio of unlikely heroes and winning King presented to Mr. MERCEDES.

1978: Morris Bellamy is a player if obsessed l 'iconic author of America John Rothstein only' it is ready to kill for a mine of notebooks containing at least a more unpublished novel. 2009: Pete Saubers, a boy whose father was brutally injured by a stolen Mercedes, detects a trunk buried containing species and specifications of the Rothstein.

2014: after 35 years in prison, Morris is on parole. And he's hell-bent to recover his treasure.

Now it effective 'at l' former detective Bill Hodges - run a d 'investigation called 'Finders Keepers' business - to bring relief to Pete d' a deranged Morris and Avenger more... Not since the misery King wrote with such visceral power on a player with such dangerous obsession.

Finders Keepers is spectacular suspense and c' is the written King about how literature shapes a life for good, for worse, forever. .


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An Amazon Best Book of June 2015: For those of you who spent part of last summer being thrilled by Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes, this worthy sequel arrives just in time for summer 2015. Of course you can read Finders Keepers on its own if you’re so-inclined—King takes time to introduce new characters and new crimes in the first half of the book before carting out some familiar faces from the past. The story begins with a murder (of an author) and a robbery (of the author’s notebooks, including at least one unpublished manuscript). The crimes will linger in your mind, but what might linger most is when King explores his obsessions with, well, obsessions: obsession with reading, obsession with writers, even the need to get revenge. The book is well-plotted, but there remains an organic feel to this series, like the characters are writing themselves to some extent. As a character in Finders Keepers puts it, “a good novelist does not create events, he watches them happen then writes down what he sees. A good novelist realizes he is a secretary, not God.” Amen. That’s why we love you, Stephen King.–Chris Schluep