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Ebola By Carolyn A. Dehlinger

What do we know about Ebola? Authored by two professionals in the medical and science fields, Ebola: An Emerging Infectious Disease Case Study analyzes the recent outbreak of the virus from a variety of angles and provides context for our understanding of emerging infectious diseases, how they are treated, and how agencies and governments respond to them. This timely resource provides a firm foundation for academic discussions within microbiology, nursing, health science, and public health programs.

Informative and unique, it presents Ebola as a case example that serves as the backbone for a wider discussion about infectious diseases. The history, biology, biotechnology, and epidemiology of the Ebola virus is presented, as well as the differing responses from international aid agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in identifying and containing the recent outbreak.

By weaving in references to news stories that became part of our collective understanding of the outbreak, Ebola: An Emerging Infectious Disease Case Study will captivate interest and encourage readers to think broadly and critically about emerging infectious diseases in the modern age. .